SECRETS your boss WON’T share – Create YOUR OWN SUCCESS or misery – Ep. 19 – Ideas of the life you want to live

One of my supporters asked me to do an episode on this topic and this is what I came up with.

SECRETS your boss WON'T share – Create YOUR OWN SUCCESS or misery – Ep. 19 – Ideas of the life you want to live The Deckplate Tone Podcast

📕Show Notes:  Cultivation – Growth talks from a VeteranLive the life you want or be MISERABLE? – Create Joy, Improve life – Ep.  19 – Ideas of the life you want to live 🖼Big Picture Series🖼Things I talk about in this episode: 💡 What is the Big Picture Series 0:21-0:31💡 What I want to do this episode:  0:32💡 My “Go to” move I use to keep winning throughout life:  0:54💡Where got episode topics from and how I make them:  1:30💡 #Remembereveryonedeployed:  2:05💡 Ideas I had for my life in my early Navy days: 02:56💡 Leaders robbing people from development: 04:02-5:46💡 Story of the reality of my life crashing back to me after going blank:  06:03-07:41Important internal decisions to make:  08:30-13:03    a.  Live your life that you have now:  08:30-10:47    b. Think about others:  10:48-11:35    c.  Desire to expand your life:  11:35-13:03Super Important Tips you should be using:    a.  Learning from Successful People:  13:14-15:43    b.   Write it out:  15:47-16:46    c.   Think about the Best Case Scenario:  16:58-18:15The Power of Visualization:  18:18-23:19💡Final Thoughts:  23:22🎤MusicIntro/Outro – Purpo$e – Bag:  Have you heard 'Bag (Prod. By Waytoolost)' by Purpo$e on SoundCloud?🖼 Artwork  – Christian Mallatere Download on your favorite platforms:🎧RSS feed:🎧Apple Podcasts-🎧Overcast 🎧 Spotify🎧 Amazon Music🎧 iHeartRadio🎧 StitcherCommentLike ShareSubscribe, there will be more!Add me on Facebook – me on Twitter – @Tone_IMMotivation, Growth, Mindset, Professional Growth, Personal Growth, Betterment, Veteran, Veteran Perspectives, Mentorship, Leading, Growing, #Cultivation, Achieve, Achievers, Achievement, Showing gratitude, appreciation, gratitude, Improve your team, Improve your leadership, #Improveyourlife,#givethemtheirflowers,  #remembereveryonedeployed, #Purpo$e#Purpo$emusic, Military Podcasts, #military, #navypodcast, #navychief, #Betterment,#professionaldevelopment, #Motivation, #personaldevelopment, #Navy, #Army,#militarypodcasts, #Veteran,#fcancer,#mindset, #love, #forgiveness

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