The only person that doesn’t know they are lazy is a lazy person.

The other day, I was talking with someone about this lazy person at work who got fired for sleeping on the job. This person would start work “just four hours” after her shift started. After she arrived to work, she would go to sleep. She would cover more ground when making her rounds…so that makes it okay…right??

So I’m sitting here wondering how some people get away with some of the things that they get away with. I’m talking about lazy folk. We all have that one person at work who just doesn’t produce. I got to thinking…well how do they do that so easily? Then I recalled one day, cooking some lazy person while at work (yeah people do this behind closed doors, don’t start!), and among us was a VERY lazy dude. Now I have had to get on this good soul about loafing plenty times, but we punching on somebody else, so I’m not gonna call him out today.

It finally hit me…he doesn’t know that he is the lazy folk that we are all coking and joking about. How can you literally not do anything? And then laugh and joke about people doing it…Lazy people get sneaky and try to hide being lazy…and everybody already know!

I finally told this kid about himself…I think we have to get better at calling them out or else they will be in positions they don’t deserve, be positions where they hurt your team’s performance, or be in positions where they never grow. We owe it to our friends and family to speak up…

What do you think…Am I reaching?

Back to the four hour late lady. She eventually got fired, because she fell asleep next to a supervisor or an HR rep. She later came back to the workplace begging for her job back. She has not been re-hired or hired anywhere else as of today.


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