In lieu of National Women’s day, here is the featured episode on Women Leaders.


There is solace in admitting when you are wrong. No one can destroy your character when admit that. No matter have grave the things are that are said about you.

Today, I allowed myself to engage in sheer stupidity as a response for bullshit on social media. My character took a hit because of it and I regret and I own it.

In life, we make bad moves. We can dwell on it all, or we can address our fallacies and move on.

I hope you read this and were encouraged to get pushing.

– Tone

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75 Subscribers on YouTube! Such a minor goal, but a big win for me. Thank you for the feedback and support! Always looking to improve, so feel free to critique and review. Don’t get to subscribe when you check out my videos. Thanks! I’m looking to get a bit more creative as I earn my next ten!


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