I was reflecting on a meeting I had yesterday with my business mentors. Just thinking to myself, I thought, OMG, a month ago, I was super nervous to tell someone that I had a vision, and I wanted to build a business that would help people like me achieve their dreams and their goals. Finally, I started thinking of everything that I am currently doing, Podcasting, YouTubing, and now wanting to create another small media production (I did this in college with a team students for a film production class).

The more I press towards these ideas, the harder they become; the more I think about failure, and the more I ask myself, so wtf are you gonna do?! You don’t quit!….You don’t fail! (I’m not delusional, this is a mindset thing)

Finally I came to this one conclusion…It ain’t enough to dream anymore, I have to GSD. THIS IS THE WAY.

Stay encouraged to all that read and see this. Stay blessed!


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