You WON’T Quit Anymore! Knock out your New Year Resolutions with this STRATEGY – Ep. 16

Cultivation – Ep.16 – Knock out your goals…NOW!! – Help with your New Year Resolutions The Deckplate Tone Podcast

📕Show NotesFew things I talk about in this video:💡Identify what motivates you:  3:30💡Identify what de-motivates you:  5:17💡Prepare to fail:  6:46💡Don’t limit yourself:  10:13💡Easily Break down your goals:  12:35💡Party up:  17:02💪🏾Challenge for the week:  25:48 – things worth mentioning:  🤼‍♂️Talking about WWE (it’s WWF to me) wrestling:  17:58-20:47🗣Battle rap – NWX, my antics, etc:  20:56Motivation, Growth, Mindset, Professional Growth, Personal Growth, Betterment, Veteran, Veteran Perspectives, Mentorship, Leading, Growing, Cultivation, Achieve, Achievers, Achievement, Showing gratitude, appreciation, gratitude, Improve your team, Improve your leadership, Improve your life, Solutions, New Year Resolutions, braking down goals, identifying what motivates you, unmotivated , Purpo$e, Purpo$e musicCommentLike ShareView on YouTube:, there will be more!Add me on Facebook – me on Twitter – @Tone_IMDownload on your favorite platforms:🎧RSS feed:🎧Apple Podcasts-🎧Overcast🎧Spotify🎧Amazon Music🎧iHeartRadio🎧Stitcher

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