We MUST STOP making these MISTAKES in Leadership! – Ep. 14 – Knee Jerk Solutions

We MUST STOP making these MISTAKES in Leadership! Cultivation – Ep. 14 – Knee Jerk Solutions The Deckplate Tone Podcast

We MUST STOP making these MISTAKES in Leadership! – Ep. 14 – Knee Jerk SolutionsCultivation – Growth talks from a veteranI’m this episode I give my perspective on Knee Jerk Solutions, how dumb they are, and how to deal with them.  I also give a couple of veteran stories with dealing with it. * Thank you to Corey Grumbs and the Black Podcast Association for the motivation!*Other things worth mentioning:Black Podcasters Association:  3:29Podcast update: 4:50What should I do for my next episode: 20:50Few things I talk about in this video:1. Effectiveness of these solutions: 6:052. Navy Story : 9:003.  How to not use a suggestion box: 12:434. How to actually use a suggestion box:  18:055. Challenge:  20:04:  – Let me know how it goesMotivation, Growth, Mindset, Professional Growth, Personal Growth, Betterment, Veteran, Veteran Perspectives, Mentorship, Leading, Growing, Cultivation, Achieve, Achievers, Achievement, Showing gratitude, appreciation, gratitude, Improve your team, Improve your leadership, Improve your life, Knee Jerk Solutions, knee jerk reactions, ineffective problem solving, suggestions, suggestion box, ineffective leadership, problem solving gone wrong, Purpo$e, Purpo$e music,CommentLike ShareSubscribe, there will be more!Add me on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/tonytoneisliveFollow me on Twitter – @Tone_IMDownload on your favorite platforms:RSS feed: https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/1855265.rssApple Podcasts- https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/cultivation-growth-talks-from-a-veteran/id1587290525OvercastSpotifyAmazon MusiciHeartRadioStitcher

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