Don’t F@&! THIS UP! Love your folks or else… – Ep. 18

My sister, Veronica (V) passed at the age of 39. Being away and having a busy Navy life, I haven’t seen her as much as I wanted to, and now I missed out. In this episode, I talk about helping my sister through her last battle with cancer and I talk about some controversies that came up, and the right way to handle it.

My Sister Passed Away – Ready to Leave this Navy Lifestyle – Ep. 18. Don’t F@&! THIS UP! Love your folks or else… The Deckplate Tone Podcast

Cultivation – Growth talks from a VeteranCultivation – Ep.18 – Don’t F@&! THIS UP!  Love your folks or else…📕Show Notes:  Things I talk about in this episode:💡Thank you for podcast support and prayers to my family for our loss – 0:55💡#remembereveryonedeployed- Remembering all deployed Service Members:  02:03💡All I missed while living Navy Life:  03:10-06:18 💡Talking about V:  06:19-09:30💡The past few weeks while handling my Sister’s matters:  09:32-16:10Reconnecting with my dad and seeing siblings and my niece for the first time. Caring for my sister💡FuneralControversy and getting caught on camera:  16:11-22:20💡 Stupid mistakes in the past coming back to bite/when guys actually mature:  22:21-23:45💡Family Feuds?  23:49-26:41💡Final Thoughts/Dropping Gems:  26:46-31:10💡  Question of the week from a supporter: 31:24-33:41🎤MusicIntro/Outro – Purpo$e – Bag:  Have you heard 'Bag (Prod. By Waytoolost)' by Purpo$e on SoundCloud?🖼 Artwork  – Christian Mallatere Download on your favorite platforms:🎧RSS feed:🎧Apple Podcasts-🎧Overcast 🎧 Spotify🎧 Amazon Music🎧 iHeartRadio🎧 StitcherCommentLike ShareSubscribe, there will be more!Add me on Facebook – me on Twitter – @Tone_IMMotivation, Growth, Mindset, Professional Growth, Personal Growth, Betterment, Veteran, Veteran Perspectives, Mentorship, Leading, Growing, #Cultivation, Achieve, Achievers, Achievement, Showing gratitude, appreciation, gratitude, Improve your team, Improve your leadership, #Improveyourlife,#givethemtheirflowers,  #remembereveryonedeployed, #Purpo$e#Purpo$emusic, Military Podcasts, #military, #navypodcast, #navychief, #Betterment,#professionaldevelopment, #Motivation, #personaldevelopment, #Navy, #Army,#militarypodcasts, #Veteran,#fcancer,#mindset, #love, #forgiveness
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Part II

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