Is this quitting or…? – Ep. 13.5: Initiation (What I’ve been up to)

Editing for the next episode of Cultivation. Knocking off a little rust.

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After 13 episodes of jumping out into the podcastophere, I have not released anything in over two months…what happened?

Update 13 March: Episode done, up to 20 and counting!

Is this quitting or… EP. 13.5 – Navy Chief Initiation (What I’ve been up to) Cultivation – Growth talks from a Veteran

Cultivation – Growth talks from a veteranIs this quitting or… EP. 13.5 – Navy Chief Initiation (What I’ve been up to)After pod fading for two months, I am finally back boss with what I have been up to. On 4 October I was selected to Chief Petty Officer (Level up), Which took me on a “six week” journey of pure mental, physical and emotional challenge. Along the way I have ran into other roadblocks, and so I have been really silent on making videos.  I got a chance to see family who I haven’t seen in a while and I have missed many great things that all my friends snd loved ones have been doing.  Know I celebrate and love you all.  * Much love to my mom who came to visit and Amari who graduated as an RN* * Much love and respect to my Cousin who I haven’t talked to in about 15 years. He was imprisoned, but he grew up a positive and educated man…Growth, is a beautiful thing.  Listen to what I have been up to and what I am looking to do. Things I talk about in this video:1.  Getting Selected for promotion2.  The Physical challenges I faced3.  Almost getting into brawls4. Getting a mean eye infectionSome of the ad libs you here is what I heard daily lol. Challenge in the video:  Reach out to someone who you haven’t reached out to in a long time and let them know that you still acknowledge them.  Feel free to let me know how it goes.  Motivation, Growth, Mindset, Professional Growth, Personal Growth, Betterment, Veteran, Veteran Perspectives, Mentorship, Leading, Growing, Cultivation, Achieve, Achievers, Achievement, Showing gratitude, appreciation, gratitude, Improve your team, Improve your leadership, Improve your life, Purpo$e music, Purpo$e the Artist, Purpo$e Bag,CommentLike ShareSubscribe, there will be more!Add me on Facebook – me on Twitter – @Tone_IMDownload on your favorite platforms:RSS feed: Podcasts- MusiciHeartRadioStitcher
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